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    Runescape range guide for F2p and P2p!~

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    Runescape range guide for F2p and P2p!~

    Post  Mr Tupac on Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:06 am

    The Best Runescape Range Guide For P2p and F2P!

    Ok first we will start with a lvl 3 noob, just made.

    1. You will go to bank store all your items and take out your basic normal bow and basic bronze arrows.

    2. Then you will go back outside of lumbridge castle and behide it.

    3. Next go to the rats and attack them till 5 range.

    4. Now you can attack the lvl 2 man right next to the starting point, attack them till 10 range.

    5. Then attack gobins at 10 range to 20 range. (if you run out of arrows buy some bronze with ur cash).

    6. At 20 range go to cows till 30 range. Now you can make alot of money. Easily collect the cowhide and store them in back and sell later.(100-110each).

    7. After 30 range you pay 10 coins to get in alkhard and att the alkhard warriors till 40 range. (note you can buy kebabs at the cooking anvil for 5 each and they heal good.)

    8. After 40 range buy some green d hide chaps and vambs. You should also be wearing coif, leather top, boots, and a maple bow. (also get more arrows if you need more). (remember higher bronze arrows then iron arrows then steal arrows then adamant arrows. The higher the arrow the higher the hit).
    If your member at 40 range then buy a yew shortbow. (Note always buy shortbows there better).

    9. When you have 40 range and the gear stated above, then go to white knight cages in falador. You can range them through the cages which is good and also gives good xp. You kill them till 50 range.

    10. At 50 range if you are a member you should buy blue d hide chaps and vambs and replace the green. you also buy a magic bow which has spec and replace the mage bow. Now if you member you go to rock crabs till 60 range! If your non-member you stay at should make money by getting 55 range at hill giants, there are thousands of safe spots so dont worry. Then go to Moss giants till 65 range. Moss giants also have pretty good drops for f2p.

    11. After 60 range in members you then go to green dragons and safe spot range them till 65 range, get the dragon bones and dragon hides and bank them. That way you will have alot of money to buy more arrows and re-stock what ever needed. If you are nonmem at 65 range then you go to laser demons till 85 range, lesser demons have good drop rates and also lots of safe spots. (You should get better arrows for easier kills)

    12. Once you get 65 range in members then you should gear up and go to the orge cages. also dont forget to wear red d hide chaps and vamps and keep on updating it to your range lvl. (Note if you dont have the quests for the orge cages dont worry, because you can tele to castle wars with a dueling ring and walk up to the orges. Theres safe spots there also. You should kill orges till 75 range. If you are nonmem at 85 range you should gear up and re stock and go to the edgevill tunnel and to the last entrance. You should then go to ankous and safe range them. Ankous to 99 range also got a pretty decent drop so it pays off. Then you will have 99 range for nonmems.

    13. For Members: once you get 75 range from orges. You should wear black d hide chaps and vambs. Then You should go to greator deamons and safe spot them till 85 range. Greater demonds have better drops since its in members and better xp. You can also safe spot them sono worries once again.

    14. Next for members after 85 range you go to fire giants and get 99 range. Fire giants are the best xp for range and have good drops like rune 2h and rune scim. You can hide/safe spot them to. Mostly everyone bys alot of bronze knifes and goes there and just farms for xp.

    15. After you get 99 range in members or non members you then patt yourself on the back and be proud on getting 99 range with my guide!


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